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1392 first written as Drozdova Lhota, 18 houses

1437 owned by Knights of Wolfsberk, called Radslavova Lhota

1449 saled to Arnotlovice county

17.ct. Lhota became desolate, remained only the yard Vystrkov

18.ct. labour internment camp of turkish war prisoners


1764 in the 1st (Joseph) map drawn as Wistorkowa Hof

Untill 1948 owned by Olomouc Archdiocese, farm to rent

1948 to 1975 socialistic agriculture, cows breeding


1980 demolition plan, but not enough money

1982 Valenta family bought desolated houses with two yards

1983 to 1989 horse breeding for socialistic company

1990 bought 6 hectars of pastures, own and client horses breeding

1991 till nowadays environmental programs of EU, Ministry of agriculture and Ministry of Environment


1993 renewing of the nonspring pond

1994 summer camps for children

1994 to 2001 horse riding school

1999 steel fences on the pastures

2000 renewing of the water spring




2003  the cycloway marked, in the winter used for crosscountry skiing

2004  renewing the forrest park

2009  maze


2010  resthouse, paintball field

2011 paintball clubhouse